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Outsourcing user-support services

  • Preparing successful outsourcing projects


Deciding to outsource the running and support services of your networks, systems and/or workstations is a key strategic choice which will affect your organization in both the medium and long terms.

Whether it is aimed at integrating new technologies, enabling you to refocus on your core business or streamlining IT costs, outsourcing can be a powerful tool for boosting a company's competitive edge.

The essential factors for a successful outsourcing project are choosing the right partner for your business and specific objectives, ensuring that your partner remains fully invested in your project and keeps to the contractually agreed cost and quality levels, and making certain that you retain control over your outsourced processes.

Our offering

As a specialist in office and other IT systems since 2002, CFAO Technology & Energy partners IT departments in researching and implementing outsourcing projects and offers solutions specifically tailored to each of our customers' needs.

Project management assistance

CFAO Technology & Energy proposes a wide array of modular and complementary offerings to assist companies with managing outsourcing projects. These offerings include the following:

In the requirements analysis phase

CFAO Technology & Energy helps project managers throughout the requirements analysis phase, from the stage of expressing objectives and defining the scope of the outsourcing project, right through to drawing up the detailed brief of the activities to be outsourced and the specifications to be included in invitations to tender.

In the invitation to tender phase

CFAO Technology & Energy assists project managers with selecting outsourcing providers – including designing selection tools and reviewing submitted bids – with a view to drawing up a final selection file with each choice backed by clear explanations and reasoning.

In the contract negotiation phase

CFAO Technology & Energy draws on its experience and applies strict professional standards in leading contract negotiations – right up to the point when reservations are lifted and commitments are confirmed – as well as in drafting outsourcing contracts and validating their technical aspects.

In the set-up phase

Working hand-in-hand with the project manager, CFAO Technology & Energy prepares, organizes and oversees the logistical and technical processes for setting up the outsourcing provider's services, and puts in place oversight, communication and quality control structures and systems.

CFAO Technology & Energy represents the project manager for the purpose of drawing up a Quality Assurance Plan with the outsourcing provider and for its subsequent updates.

In the operational phase

CFAO Technology & Energy can oversee either all or some of the project's operational aspects and manage technical relations between the outsourcing provider, the project manager and and any other partners involved.

In addition, CFAO Technology & Energy consultants, who work independently from the operations management team involved in outsourcing projects, can perform one-off quality audits which include validating Quality Assurance Plans, auditing performance indicators and management reports, and carrying out user satisfaction surveys and compliance audits.

To round out this cross-functional offering, CFAO Technology & Energy also proposes contractual audit services which include performing expert reviews of outsourcing contracts, auditing the scope of application of the contracts concerned and suggesting corrective measures in the event of contract drift.

Direct project management

CFAO Technology & Energy can directly run, administer and provide technical support for operating environments, based on a set of detailed specifications and underpinned by a Quality Assurance Plan validated by the customer.

For contracts relating to running local area networks (LAN), departmental systems and central sites, our services are delivered according to pre-defined performance targets.

Value-added services

A comprehensive service offering

Our outsourcing offering is structured around a set of clearly-defined core services – including help desk, local support, software and hardware administration and governance services – as well as a number of additional optional services.

Human resources

Outsourcing projects can sometimes involve a transfer of employees. CFAO Technology & Energy has built up in-depth expertise in this area and offers its customers an integration methodology broken down into several stages, with a range of advisory services provided at each stage. The various areas covered include:

  • Knowing the partner and its employees
  • Processes for integrating staff into CFAO Technology & Energy,
  • Employee career development within the various operating structures

Contractual relations

A precise contractual framework

As part of its direct project management offering, CFAO Technology & Energy can take on full responsibility for the running of your information systems – from a technical, applicative and network perspective – based on pre-defined contractual performance targets, a Quality Assurance Plan and a Service Agreement.

  • The Quality Assurance Plan describes the services provided by CFAO Technology & Energy as well as the measures we put in place to ensure we meet our customer's quality requirements
  • The Service Agreement sets out our quality commitments and the expected results
Service set-up methods

A successful outsourcing project requires not only a clearly defined contractual framework but also a high-quality procedure for setting up the services concerned. Drawing on its long-standing experience in the area, CFAO Technology & Energy has developed a tried and tested methodology, which we regularly enrich.

An extensive service offering

As well as comprehensive outsourcing solutions for running customers' IT centers, CFAO Technology & Energy offers a range of workstation-based outsourcing services including managing PC inventories, office servers and LANs.