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News 9.16.14 par admin

With CFAO Technologies, Ecobank Burkina can plan for the future with confidence

CFAO has used all its experience and expertise in the technologies of the future to secure customer data at Burkina Faso’s Ecobank, with two key requirements – continuity of service and energy savings...

Customer data, constantly growing in volume, is strategic for a bank and securing it is an absolute priority. When Ecobank wanted to upgrade its data centres, CFAO was asked to tender for a demanding set of specifications, including turnkey delivery, increased capacity, continuity of service, management of various subcontractors, scalability and energy savings.

This challenge was tackled successfully by CFAO Technologies, which was chosen to provide a scalable solution built around APC products by Schneider Electric. The result was system migration less than four months after the order, significant energy savings and scalability ensuring that growth can be planned with confidence, while at the same time making improvements to the quality of customer services. This is confirmed by the bank’s Managing Director, Cheikh Travaly: "Fluidity was immediately improved – response time is extraordinary at counters and ATMs."

This improvement in customer service naturally means improved competitively and positions CFAO Technologies as a partner for profitability.

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