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Datacenter Services

  • Ensuring your critical data is secure and available


Toward high-density datacenters

Demand for processing power is constantly increasing as a result of both new needs (e.g., telecommunications operators, widespread use of business intelligence and internet access) and the growth of existing systems (more data, more real-time calculations, etc.). Until now, higher processing power has automatically meant higher energy costs.

At the same time, real estate costs have risen and resources need to be located in increasingly secure infrastructures – a situation that has led to higher-density datacenters in order to avoid increasing the surface areas occupied by the machines concerned.These high-density datacenters can lead to difficulties in terms of power and cooling systems.

Energy prices

The increase in energy prices has made it ever more important to curb or even reduce electricity expenditure, particularly as higher energy consumption also results in higher infrastructure costs (in areas such as electrical security and cooling systems).

Servers now cost less than the infrastructure that houses them, and this difference will continue to widen in the future.

An essential part of the production process

Servers are now reliable and can be backed up, maintained without shutdown and delivered with a standby system.Software has also evolved and now needs to comply with best practices in terms of development quality and implementation (e.g., ITIL).

Aside from human error, the main cause of information system failure and interruption of IT output is power supply problems.

In all cases, the infrastructure used for a datacenter must be able to:

  • supply the right quantity and quality of electrical power
  • cope with sudden peaks in load
  • provide sufficient back-up resources in the event of a failure in the power or cooling systems

Nowadays, less than half of the energy costs incurred in a datacenter actually relate to data (computation, storage and transmission).

Our datacenter solutions

CFAO Technology & Energy offers comprehensive, end-to-end datacenter solutions encompassing advisory services, equipment supply and installation and maintenance for all hosting systems.

Our offerings comprise a broad range of options that can be combined in order to create a reliable and cost-effective datacenter, including:

  • advisory and engineering services for designing server rooms
  • a selection of cost-effective servers and network equipment
  • intelligent racks with modular cooling systems and high-performance, auditable power supplies
  • optimized cooling systems and modular power supply (UPS)
  • advanced configuration management systems.

At each level, CFAO Technology & Energy ensures that it integrates equipment that is most suited to your needs, while respecting best practices in areas such as energy optimization and security.

Looking at energy from a wider perspective

Energy has to be looked at from a wider perspective in order to ensure that each type of equipment – whether industrial, telecoms or other – is powered in the best way. This applies to sites whose energy is provided on an individual basis (using renewable, thermal or hybrid energy solutions – both autonomous and non-autonomous) as well as those connected to the national power supply network (whose environments are affected by voltage regulators, converters, loaders and inverters).

CFAO Technology & Energy also offers energy solutions adapted to the telecom sector (e.g., solar stations, solar shelters, 48v telecom bays, etc.).

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