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Electronic banking solutions

  • Securing automated transactions
  • Building closer relations between a bank and its customers


Today our main clients - which include companies in the world of finance - must deal with a growing number of customers within their various financial institutions.

They need solutions that allow them to manage customers and equipments so that customers can withdraw and deposit money on their own – conveniently and easily. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) or cash dispensers, which can be interior devices or free-standing exterior machines, offer solutions for these clients.

The growing need for banking services has given rise to an increase in demand for ATMs, which are now being installed everywhere enabling banks to be closer to their customers. This means that customers will be able to make withdrawals and deposits anywhere, anytime.

However, this situation has a financial and administrative impact:

  • Significant initial investment costs, especially for the electronic banking infrastructure to be set up (ATM, electronic banking server and interconnection link)
  • Constraints related to the work required to acquire space to install ATMs and build new agencies
  • The need to have workers with specific technical skills to operate and maintain their own infrastructure.

Our electronic banking solutions

CFAO Technology & Energy handles these complex issues, offering a comprehensive range of services as a leading player in electronic banking solutions.

With this new offering, CFAO Technology & Energy enables clients (banks and financial institutions) to purchase or lease ATMs and cash dispensers that can be used to make withdrawals, check account balances, pay bills and deposit cash or checks.

In order to optimize client investments, our sales and marketing approach involves analyzing certain options on a case-by-case basis to allow our clients to integrate interbank services.


This new service offering enables us to provide our clients with an electronic banking infrastructure that integrates new technology:

  • for safer transactions, with built-in cameras, client keyboards with password entry security, card readers equipped to counter different types of vandalism (anti-skimming, anti-phishing, etc.), cash vault locks with dual security (lock and combination)
  • For greater autonomy, with two to five cassettes
  • For more flexibility, with machines that are relatively simple to handle

As a leader in electronic banking solutions, we allow our clients to focus on their core business by offering them ATMs as well as solutions that provide added value:

  • an autonomous solution that is cardless (with no need for a magnetic card) – deposit teller for cash, checks and bill pay without using the electronic banking server
  • EMS: A monitoring solution for bank machines
  • ASD: A remote collection and distribution solution for data on bank machines
  • Journal Office: Electronic archive management on bank machines
  • Campaign Office: Advertising solution on bank machines

We also provide our clients with quality service to meet their needs.

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