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Electronic document management (EDM)

  • Organizing and improving distribution and processes associated with document and content administration


Most companies today must deal with an ever-increasing amount of unstructured data: paper documents, e-mails, faxes, correspondence with clients, multimedia materials, etc.

It can become very difficult to collect, retain, protect and then recover this information. When you use digital documents, it is easier to search for and process information.

Electronic document management (EDM) makes it possible to automatically file, manage and share content – and make it secure – using a single document repository designed according to a filing plan that is customized by your organization. EDM systems (EDMS) are essential for managing the life cycle and traceability of content.

Implementing an EDMS gives companies a strong competitive edge by:

  • making collaboration easier – by disseminating and sharing all company documents electronically
  • improving efficiency within the company – by making it easier for employees to access documents and simplifying data exchange
  • ensuring compliance with regulations that require companies to keep many documents for a number of years, while preserving the integrity and authenticity of these documents

Our EDM solutions

CFAO Technology & Energy' EDM solutions are customized to meet the needs of your organization. They will enable you to manage your business lines' documents as they move within your company or are exchanged with your partners. All your documents will be automatically filed in electronic folders and made available based on your company's organization and confidentiality rules.

Our services include:

  • building paperless offices and managing documents electronically
  • utilizing or implementing document infrastructure – EDM – to file, manage, share, validate or produce documents
  • setting up a workflow system to manage interactions with the various parties involved in a document: Changes, vetting, etc.
  • devising an industrial e-archiving framework that meets archiving requirements for secure, everyday use, offering evidential value
  • capturing and recovering all types of documents
  • simple, instant viewing and distribution.


CFAO Technology & Energy' EDM solutions will strengthen your company's competitive edge. Our services enable you to:

  • significantly cut administrative costs related to handling documents (photocopies, distribution, research, filing, etc.)
  • trace events
  • find information easily with automatic, industrial processing techniques
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